Get a full trading system and master essential trading habits!

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Trading system with 116% return in 12 months.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance.


🗸 Minimal time commitment (up to 1.5 hours a day)

🗸 Live trading sessions

🗸 Rule based and simple to learn

🗸 Proven system for significant growth

🗸 Regular asymmetric trading opportunities (look for setups everyday!)

🗸 Just a 35% winning percentage needed to be profitable!

🗸 Start the course immediately after signing up!


  • Details of how to fully utilise the DTP (COMPLETE trade set-up rules, chart template, unique trend direction and entry indicators)
  • Hands-on Live Consultation Session (Ask anything about trading or the trading platform to familiarise yourself)
  • 35 Bite-sized training videos (watch them on-demand, learn the system and trading psychology to excel)
  • 8 Live Trading Zoom Sessions (Dates will be sent 1 day after signing up while recordings will be sent after the session – starts at
    3 pm Singapore Time, 5 pm Sydney Time, 8 am London Time & 3 am New York Time)
  • 4 Weekly Trade Review Webinars (Analyse the results of weekly trades to gain a deeper understanding of the syst5


Week 1: Watch 1st Training Webinar + Indicator Setup Lesson + Hands-on Consultation Session

Week 2: Watch 2nd Training Webinar + Last Week’s Trade Review + 2 Live Trading Sessions

Week 3: Watch 3rd Training Webinar + Last Week’s Trade Review + 2 Live Trading Sessions

Week 4: Watch 4th Training Webinar + Last Week’s Trade Review + 2 Live Trading Sessions

Week 5: Watch 5th Training Webinar + Last Week’s Trade Review + 2 Live Trading Sessions

Note: Training Webinars can be watched at any time and at a faster pace but the it is recommended to follow the sequence above. Live trading sessions are meant to showcase the trading system used in real market conditions. 

If more live trading sessions are needed, email us or fill up the contact form below for enquiries.


They took their time really went into detail on what it needs to be a trader.They showcase everything and you can go back watch it as well to watch back what you could have done and missed. I loved it. It actually gets you going again. There’s a lot of info. But I get the most of it.

Emile Heskey
former Liverpool and England soccer player

Overall, I found the course to very engaging and Alex’s thoroughness and honesty regarding risk management, variable trading conditions and anticipated returns showed the genuine nature of the system. The live sessions were invaluable and the period of the course covered a very decent return for the time trading. If you have investment capital and considering weak bank acct returns versus inflation, look for a road-tested system such as Alex’s DTP system. 

Michael O’Flynn

Live theory + practical course format helps students see and experience exactly how Alex day-trades DAX in a simple and systematic way.

Richaard Chee
Vice president of Online Traders’ Club (Singapore)

I liked the live trading sessions where I can see how Alex applied the DTP rules in real market conditions. I feel that this makes it clearer and easier to understand how the rules and exceptions work.


The most compelling point of the strategy is that one can focus on a relatively short period of time of the trading day and still achieve quite impressive results.

Mathias Deubel

I love how it is so methodical. I can use the system to trade at a specific time each day. That really helps me. Alex has created a wonderful, methodical trading system that is easy to implement. Alex has done a wonderful job!

Alex did a fantastic job talking about psychology. Thank you very much. It is just what I needed to hear. I love the DTP system!!!

Michael Feist

As a beginner, I thought that the course was very useful as it taught me about the basics and parameters to look out for when day trading. It was a great introductory course for me.

Esther Cheah

This is a great system that teaches patience and consistency as well as solid risk management. I have already half paid for my course during the training (course starts in November) and fully predict to be paid back in full by the end of the year.

Jason Dunn

I did almost catch up with everything. I can follow along nicely as I trade the DAX sometimes.

I find it very interesting.

Koenraad Rau
Joined on 3rd Week

I can't express enough gratitude to the Trackrecord behind this trading program. Their dedication and expertise have truly transformed my trading experience.

Not only is the program well-organized, but it's also been instrumental in helping me day trade with a system (indicator) and structure (risk management and psychology). This greatly reduces fear and also making irrational decisions when it comes to day trading.



  • New Traders who are looking to start on the right path.
  • Experienced traders who have difficulty becoming profitable.
  • Traders who want to enhance their trading process.

The DayTrader Pro will help you develop the following qualities:

  1. Discipline
  2. Patience
  3. Commitment / Consistency
  4. Confidence
  • Clear trading rules
  • Daily set-ups
  • Same time every day
  • Minimum daily time requirement
  • Trades entered mostly between 30 mins – 60 mins after market open (Cut-off 1.5hrs)
  • No discretionary trade management required
  • Only need a 35% win/loss ratio to be profitable

Yes, the live trading sessions will be recorded. Do not worry if you are unable to make it for the sessions as links to the recording will be sent to you so that you can view it whenever convenient. 

1. For new trading accounts only- Raw or Standard accounts.

2. Clients need to register the account via the referral link (TrackRecord referral link) and participate in the 5-Week DayTrader Pro.

3. Minimum deposit of SGD 2,000 (approximately USD 1,500) or equivalent.

4. Clients must trade at least five lots with the broker within 2 months of funding.

5. Our preferred brokerage will sponsor up to 50% of the course fees you paid to TrackRecord. However, the sponsorship amount will not be more than $500 SGD or equivalent.

6. Promotion is not available to Residents of Australia.

The promotional period and more details here.

Yes! If you trade according to the DTP system and do no other trades, with a deposit of USD $4000, you will meet the criteria comfortably within 2 months.

However, if you perform other trades concurrently with the programme, you may even meet the criteria quicker than our estimate!



Regular Course Price: SGD$1199

Total Value (with BONUS CONTENT): SGD$2,232


with promo code until 15 Jun 24: DTPPREORDER

EXTRA: Get a rebate up to 50% off the course fees paid from our preferred broker! Check our FAQ section for more details

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