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Become a Winning Trader Programme

Price: $999
Duration: Learn at your own pace (12 hours of videos)

Programme Overview:

Become a winning trader with our programme designed to help you master the essential skills for profitable and successful trading. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the motivations behind trading to the application of analysis tools used by top traders.

You will also acquire a structured and easily applicable trading framework developed by our professional traders to prevent impulsive trades and ensure your long-term success in the market.

Course Outline:

Why, Where, What and How to Trade?

1) Identify The Reasons That Motivates One to Trade
2) Identifying the Asset Classes to Trade
3) Decide What to Look Out For When Choosing A Brokerage Platform
4) Using the Different Key Features in The Brokerage Platform with ease
5) Understand Important Trading Jargons
6) Important Trader Information: Trading Time zones, Resources for Trade Ideas Generation etc.

Power of Leverage and Stop Losses

1) Using Leverage To Maximise Potential Of Capital
2) Understand the Importance of Stop Losses
Hypothesis vs Reality
1) Understand What the Market is Thought to be Like and How It Really Behaves
2) Distinguish Between Signals and Noise In Trading
3) Differentiate Between the Different Market Regimes

Becoming a Global Macro Trader

1) Understand What is Global Macro
2) Identify the Elements of Global Macro Trading
3) Understand how the 6 different Global Macro Pillars come into play
4) Identify Drivers of Asset Prices like Professional Global Macro Traders

Technical Analysis

1) Identify the Elements of Technical Analysis
2) Understand Why and When to use Technical Analysis
3) The Power of Candlesticks
4) Understand the Different Market Regimes
5) Utilise Basic Patterns and Indicators to Determine your Trade Levels
6) Manage your trades using the Different Trading Timeframes and When to Utilise Them

Putting it All Together

1) Using Technical Analysis and Global Macro Together
2) Checklist of Trading: Analyse and enter trades effectively
3) Trade Monitoring and Risk Management

Hands-on Learning

1) Utilise the Checklist to Formulate your own Trading Plan to Initiate and Monitor Trades

Course Excerpt:

5 Week Day Trader Pro

Price: $1199
Duration: 1 month

Programme Overview:

5 weeks consisting of live trading sessions and trade review webinars.

Learn how to fully utilise the DTP (complete trade set-up rules, chart template, unique trend direction and entry indicators) that provides traders with regular asymmetric opportunities using a minimal and fixed amount of time.


  • Daily trade opportunities
  • Maximum exposure 1% per day
  • 35% win/loss percentage to be profitable
  • Average of less than 90 minutes per day required

DTP Results:

Course Excerpt:

Professional Trading & Risk Management Bootcamp

Price: $5,900
Duration: 2 Full Days (In-Person Training)

Programme Overview:

The Professional Trading & Risk Management Bootcamp was created to provide traders with the necessary tools and framework for successful trading.
The programme is the best of our CIO’s knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years of trading, condensed into a step-by-step approach to help traders understand the framework of risk. Upon completion of the programme, Traders will understand the principles and methods to become more accountable to their process and ultimately become more profitable consistently over the long term.

Course Outline

Investment Framework

  • How should I select my trades?
  • How should I allocate my capital?
  • How should I execute my trades?
  • How do I monitor and manage my trades once I have entered them?

What constitutes a good investment process?

Money Management

Stress Management

  • How do I account for/manage my emotions during the trade?

What makes a trader valuable?

Course Excerpt:

*As this is a live training, course excerpts are unavailable